Program Requirements

Create one combined hardcover class book and teacher receives 1 FREE copy when requirements* are met:

  1. Finished hardcover book includes the work of 10+ students (smaller classes can combine, if needed), limited to 2 pages per student (for books with 10–33 students) or 1 page per student (for books with 34–66 students). 70 pages max. Orders over this limit may be declined.
  2. Pre-K to 5th grade classrooms.
  3. ALL signed Parent Order Forms must be returned to School Mate®, including forms from parents not purchasing. Otherwise, each family must go online themselves to either decline or order a book.

Note: If requirements are not met, we reserve the right to decline the order or deny your FREE classroom book.

*If ordering 15 or more books, requirements 2–3 will be waived.