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6 BIG Differences Make Us The BEST

  1. No Press Date – Once you ship your order, allow 2-8 days for it to arrive to us. We'll need 2-3 weeks for production, and then another 2-8 days for shipping time.
  2. No Sheet Sharing – Each student receives his or her own sheets to work on. That means no do-overs for two kids if one of them makes a mistake.
  3. Top Quality – We use stitched binding, not glued, so books are built to last. Plus, we're the only company that provides linen-finish lamination to hide fingerprints. We provide the best quality books, with no hidden costs or upgrades required!
  4. More Choices – Choose from 7 page templates and 5 colorful back cover designs for a finishing touch. Again, no upgrades are required.
  5. Real Book – Your FREE book has real printed pages, not original bound sheets.
  6. Project-Based Learning – Teachers are always looking for new and fun ways to engage students. A classroom book project meets that criteria.

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