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6 Features that Make Us the Best

  1. No Press Date – Once you ship your order, allow 2–8 days for it to arrive to us. We'll need 2–3 weeks for production, and then allow 2–8 days for shipping time.
  2. No Sheet Sharing – Each student receives his or her own sheets to work on. That means no do-overs for two kids if one of them makes a mistake.
  3. Top Quality – Our stitch-bound books are built to last, unlike glued books that fall apart. We’re the only company that uses linen-finish lamination to hide fingerprints. You’ll receive high-quality books with no hidden costs or upgrade charges!
  4. More Choices – Choose from 7 page templates and 5 colorful back cover designs for a finishing touch. Again, no upgrade charges.
  5. Real Book – Your FREE book has real printed pages, not original bound sheets.
  6. Project-Based Learning – Teachers are always looking for new and fun ways to engage students. A classroom book project meets that criteria.

Student Publishing benefits everyone.

Teacher Benefits:

  • Teachers can motivate students and see a visible improvement in their students’ work.
  • The process is fast, easy, and fun. Plus there is no cost to the teacher or school.
  • Program supports DIFFERENTIATED LEARNING and can supplement any curriculum.

Teachers receive 1 FREE classroom book when publishing requirements are met.

Student Benefits:

  • Students learn about the classroom publishing process.
  • Students take ownership in the book, are
    motivated to improve their writing, and
    gain confidence as they work.
  • Students learn to be part of a team effort.

Students become PUBLISHED AUTHORS and burst with pride when they see finished books!

Parent Benefits:

  • Parents will take pride in their child’s work and enjoy a lasting keepsake for themselves, grandparents, other family members, and friends!

Top-quality classroom books can be purchased for only $19.95. (No purchase required.)