Publish Classroom Books FROM HOME

We are still accepting Classroom Book orders & shipping books within our normal production schedule or sooner. We would like to provide you with options to manage the Parent ordering portion of the project, plus suggestions on how to help your students get their pages completed.

Choose any of our helpful options below to complete your Classroom Books while teaching remotely.

If you haven't requested a FREE Student Publishing Kit kit yet, you may do so here.

Publish From Home

At Home Tips

1. If you haven't yet, activate your School Mate® Publishing Classroom Book kit. If you don’t have your kit number, contact us & we’ll be happy to provide it.

2. Your Parent Payment Due Date, number of students, name, grade, and class description can be updated in your online account by logging into your account here, then clicking on the "Edit" button on the right hand side of the page beside the "Classroom Info" heading.

3. In the “Send Email Notifications to Parents” section of your online account page, under the “Announcement” & “Reminder” tabs, you will find a template you can copy and paste into an email (or other school-based message app) to parents, letting them know about or reminding them of the project and how to order. Copying & pasting this content in an email provides a starting place for your message to your students’ families that can be edited as you wish. Just be sure to include the link in your email content for parents to order or decline a book.

4. Under the circumstances, we suggest requiring your students’ families to order or decline a book online only. Since those responses are automatically recorded in your online Order Tracker, we do not require those families’ Parent Order Forms to be returned. The digital process eliminates the need for the paper copy of Parent Order Forms.

If you opt to allow families to pay by check and cash, you may download the Parent Order Form (PDF) and email to the families. Be sure to give your CLASS ID to each family. They can then mail you their payment & order form. Cash & check payments cannot be sent directly to School Mate by the families. Send any physical payments, forms, etc. with your order materials. Those parents who don’t respond either way will be considered as “No Book” responses when you’re ready to ship your order to us.

NOTE: Requirements for returning all Parent Order Forms are being waived during the current COVID-19 school closures. A minimum of 2 books must be purchased for us to accept your order, and teachers will receive their free copy of the book.

5. Students may complete their pages at home and send them to you digitally. Students can use plain paper from home or you can email them template pages. After completing their pages, they can scan or photograph the pages and email them to you.

Options for completing & submitting pages:

  • Scans or photos of pages can be printed as hardcopies and put in order with any hardcopy pages students may have previously completed at school. You may then use the Page Number sticker sheet from your kit to number/renumber pages, as needed.
  • Scans or photos of pages and any typed pages can be inserted into a Word document in the order you would like them printed. You may add page numbers within Word or use the Page Number sticker sheet. The final book page document can then either be printed & shipped to School Mate, uploaded in your account, or emailed.
  • Scans or photos of pages can be uploaded within your account or emailed, then inserted within any hardcopies you send to us. Please specify the location where these pages are to be inserted.
  • If you have other ways you would like to accomplish completing the book pages, we encourage other options to get your book materials completed and to us.

6. Once you’re done “accepting” orders and responses from families and have your book’s Front Cover & Book Pages ready to send to us, complete your order as you normally would. Send us your completed Classroom Book Order Form, Payment Envelope, book cover & book pages (emailed/uploaded, if desired), and any physical forms and/or payments you may have received, using your prepaid UPS Return Shipping label.  (Please keep all book materials, Parent Order Forms, and check & cash payments until you have completed the project to the best of your abilities. Then send all physical payments, forms, and book materials to us at once.)

NOTE:  Please give your home address as the ship address on your Classroom Book Order Form before submitting the order to us. Books will then be shipped to your address, instead of the school.

Please contact us if you have questions or need help. We’re here for you.