It’s SO FUNto Create Classroom Books!

School Mate® Publishing offers the perfect way to make writing and drawing creative and fun for your students. Turn them into published authors! With our fast and easy student publishing program, each student submits 2 pages of original writings and drawings to publish one combined classroom book. Best of all, there’s NO COST TO YOUR SCHOOL!

Classroom Books

NO COST to your school!


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6 Features that Make Us the Best

  1. Highest Quality
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    Highest Quality

  2. No Press Date
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    No Press Date

  3. No Sheet Sharing
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    No Sheet Sharing

  4. More Choices
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    More Choices

  5. Real Book
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    Real Book

  6. Project-Based Learning
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    Project-Based Learning

Everyone Wins with Student Publishing

Great Teaching Tool

  • Teachers can motivate students and see a visible improvement in their students’ work.
  • The process is fast, easy, and fun. Plus there is no cost to the teacher or school.
  • Program supports DIFFERENTIATED LEARNING and can supplement any curriculum.
Teachers - Student Publishing Benefits

Teachers receive 1 FREE classroom book when publishing requirements are met.

Students Excel

  • Students learn about the classroom publishing process.
  • Students take ownership in the book, do their best work, and gain confidence in
    their skills.
  • Students are excited to work as a team.
Students - Student Publishing Benefits

Students become PUBLISHED AUTHORS and beam with pride when they see finished books!

Parents Love It!

  • Parents will take pride in their child’s work and enjoy a treasured keepsake for themselves, grandparents, other family members, and friends!
Parents - Student Publishing Benefits

Premium classroom books are only $20 each with FREE shipping. (No purchase required.)

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