How is it FREE?

When we say there is NO COST TO YOUR SCHOOL, we really mean it. As a teacher, you can request a FREE Publishing Kit that includes everything you need to start publishing your classroom book. We even include a prepaid UPS shipping label for when you are ready to send us your order. You will also receive 1 FREE quality hardcover book for your classroom when you meet our publishing requirements. In exchange, we ask that parents have the chance to purchase copies of the hardcover class book. It's that simple.

Classroom Book Pricing

  • Hardcover class books can be purchased for only $25. The price includes FREE shipping (within the contiguous USA).
  • Parents can pay online or send payments with the book order form.
  • Books make lasting keepsakes and great gifts for friends, grandparents, and other family members.
Hardcover Books are $25 each

Hardcover Classroom Books are
only $25 each.

FREE Classroom Book

Publishing Requirements*

Create one combined hardcover class book and teacher receives 1 FREE copy when requirements* are met:

  1. Finished hardcover book includes the work of 10+ students (smaller classes can combine, if needed), limited to 2 pages per student (for books with 10–33 students) or 1 page per student (for books with 34–66 students). 70 pages max. Orders over this limit may be declined.
  2. Pre-K to 5th grade classrooms.
  3. ALL signed Parent Order Forms must be returned to School Mate®, including forms from parents not purchasing. Otherwise, each family must go online themselves to either decline or order a book.

Note: If requirements are not met, we reserve the right to decline the order or deny your FREE classroom book.

*If ordering 15 or more books, requirements 2–3 will be waived.