$2,500 in Grant Giveaways

Publish a classroom book with us in the 2021-22 school year, and you will be automatically entered to win one of our grant giveaways. $100 grants will be given to 15 schools, plus one big winner will receive a $1,000 grant.

Our 2020-21 grant winners have been announced! See below.

Here’s How it Works:

  • All book orders received by June 30, 2022 are eligible for the $1,000 and $100 grants!
  • Winners are selected by random drawing.
  • The grant winners will be contacted in August 2022.
  • Winners will be announced on our website and social media pages.

Learn about our #ProudAndPublished Contest.

$2,500 in Grant Giveaways

2020-21 Grant Winners

$1,000 Grant Winner

View LargerVIRTUES - $1000 Grant Winner

Jo Ryder – Combined Grades
Sacred Heart Catholic School
Arkansas City, Kansas

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerAdventures of 5th Graders - $100 Grant Winner

“Adventures of 5th Graders”
Bridgett Spinelli – 5th Grade
Cornerstone Charter Academy
Orlando, Florida

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerBe Kind - $100 Grant Winner

“Be Kind”
Payal Shah – Pre-K
Beaty Early Childhood School
Plano, Texas

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerCovid-19 Through The Eyes of Children - $100 Grant Winner

“Covid-19 Through The Eyes of Children”
Becky Leopard – Combined Grades
Little Blessings Christian Academy
Hendersonville, North Carolina

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerThe Day the Crayons Quit - $100 Grant Winner

“The Day the Crayons Quit”
Julieann Chappell – 1st Grade
Lahontan Elementary School
Fallon, Nevada

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerFabulous Fourth Grade - $100 Grant Winner

“Fabulous Fourth Grade”
Stacy Rodarte – 4th Grade
Abiding Savior Lutheran School
Lake Forest, California

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerFishy Fables - $100 Grant Winner

“Fishy Fables”
Henrietta Gregory – 3rd Grade
Onward Christian Academy
Madison Heights, Virginia

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerKindergarten Blue School Memories - $100 Grant Winner

“Kindergarten Blue School Memories”
Laura Jensen – Kindergarten
Tri Valley Elementary School
Colton, South Dakota

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerOur 4th Grade Poem Collection - $100 Grant Winner

“Our 4th Grade Poem Collection”
Melinda Robinson – 4th Grade
Highland Christian Academy
Valdosta, Georgia

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerOur Favorite First Grade Memories - $100 Grant Winner

“Our Favorite First Grade Memories”
Shanna Blanchard – 1st Grade
Clara Barton Elementary Virtual School
Claremont, California

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerOur Stories - $100 Grant Winner

“Our Stories”
Andrea Moren-Gladney – 1st Grade
Hudson Pep Elementary School
Longview, Texas

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerSJA Wax Museum 2021 - $100 Grant Winner

“SJA Wax Museum 2021”
Carol Flynn – 3rd Grade
St. Joan of Arc School
Lisle, Illinois

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerSurprising Facts About Animals - $100 Grant Winner

“Surprising Facts About Animals”
Kristen Poehler – 2nd Grade
Century Elementary School
Park Rapids, Minnesota

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerWelcome To The Pre-K Farm - $100 Grant Winner

“Welcome To The Pre-K Farm”
Chelsi Jones &
Kaylee Baker – Pre-K
Ariton Elementary School
Ariton, Alabama

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerWelcome to Scribblyville - $100 Grant Winner

“Welcome to Scribblyville”
Kelley Daniels &
Averil Story – Kindergarten
Wolfle Elementary School
Kingston, Washington

$100 Grant Winner

View LargerWhen I Grow Up - $100 Grant Winner

“When I Grow Up”
Jessie Tallyen &
Kaitlyn Walker – 2nd Grade
Windber Area Elementary School
Windber, Pennsylvania

Reviews From Our Grant Winners

Grant Giveaway Terms

  • By participating in School Mate® Publishing’s (the Company) grant giveaways, the Customer releases the Company, its subsidiaries, employees, agents, and judges from any claims of liability whatsoever arising from the selection, judging, and awarding process.
  • By participating in the Company’s grant giveaways, the Customer grants the Company and its subsidiaries permission to display, print, or amend any material for publicity or marketing purposes. To protect privacy and identity, any books displayed online or in print will have students’ last names omitted or changed.
  • The Company makes no stipulations about how grant money must be used, other than Customers who are awarded grant money must use it in a manner that directly benefits the Customer’s classroom, either in the current school year or following school year.
  • The Customer can decline participation by checking “No” in the signature area of Classroom Book Order Form (PDF).